As a child I grew up in a vibrant city nestled between majestic mountains and relaxing beaches.

I have many memories of my mother filling our house with extravagant people, music and art. My father was always taking life in through books and theater all to fuel his writing career. I cherish the memories of adventuring through the backstage of the Aula Magna, seeing actors and costumes, and my travels with my mother in my early years.

I am a traveler at heart. It keeps me fresh and feeling alive.

Whether it’s Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Caribbean, or in the USA, travel is my therapy. It allows me to soak up culture and enjoy design from every corner of the world. In my travels I met an amazing man, Albert, and we fell in love. Together we settled down in Washington State to start our family. In two short years, we had two beautiful children; Julia and Albert Jr.

After some time, I felt ready to get back to the creative work that I love.

It was time for me to take a big step forward in my career. There, in Washington state, I start my first business – Artistic Interior Design & Construction. I took on a partner and we specialized in high end remodels of residential and light commercial spaces. We met some incredible people with very interesting design challenges but managed to infuse space after space with the energy and joy that reflected each client’s unique style. There’s something truly wonderful about the peaceful natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Then an opportunity came for my family to move to Miami, FL. My husband and I couldn’t pass up the possibility of a warmer climate and the prospect of being closer to family and the art deco inspired life in Miami.

It was time to build a new business on my own in Miami.

I started 2112 Design Studio to bring the same style, creativity and collaboration that worked so beautifully for my clients up north. I’m more excited than ever to infuse the eclectic style of Miami into the creative work that I do. More than a job, interior design and construction is my passion. There is so much joy in helping people create a home that feels as good as it looks and reflects an elevate version of their unique style.

Are you ready for something new?

Let’s define your personal luxury together.